Welcome to the bustling city of London, where history, culture and iconic landmarks await at every turn. As a traveller, there’s no shortage of attractions and experiences to explore, but decided how to make the most of your time and money can be a daunting task. That’s where Go City London Pass comes in as your ultimate ally. With its unbeatable offerings and seamless convenience, Go City London Pass stands out as the best company to book your attractions in advance, ensuring you have a truly unforgettable journey through the heart of this vibrant metropolis.

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The London PassIs Go City and London Pass the same?

No, Go City and London Pass are two separate companies that offer attraction passes for visitors to London. 

Go City is a company that operates in various cities around the world, including London. They offer all0inclusive passes that provide access to multiple attractions and activities in a particular city. With Go City pass, you canchoose from a selection of attractions and create your own itinerary based on your interests.

On the other hand, the London Pass is a specific pass offered by the London Pass company. It is designed specifically for visitors to London and provides access to a wide range of attractions, incuding museums, historial sites and tours. The London Pass offers a fixed duration (1,2,3,6 or 10 days) during which you can visit as many included attractions as you like.

With both companies offer passes for exploring London’s attractions, they have different offerings and features. It’s important to research and compare the specific benefits, attractions included, and prices of each pass to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences.

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Are the attractions free with the London Pass?


The London Pass is a sightseeing card that provides entry to various attractions and landmarks in London at a discounted rate. While the London Pass offers admission to many popular attractions in London, it’s important to note that not all attractions in London are included.

The London Pass provides free entry to over 80 attractions, including popular sites such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Churchill War Rooms, Kensington Palace, and the Thames River Cruise, among others. It also offers skip-the-line privileges at selected locations, allowing you to bypass ticket queues.

However, it’s essential to review the specific terms and conditions of the London Pass and check the official London Pass website for the most up-to-date information. Attractions and inclusions can change, and some attractions may require advanced reservations or have limited availability. Additionally, certain special exhibitions, events, or experiences may not be covered by the London Pass and may require separate admission fees.

Therefore, it’s recommended to research the attractions you plan to visit, review the official London Pass website, and contact the attractions directly to confrim their participation and any additional requirements or fees.

London Eye

Does the London Pass include the tube?

Yes. Purchasing the London Pass along with an Oyster Travelcard provides a convenient and comprehensive way to explore London’s attractions and navigate its public transportation system. While the London Pass offers discounted access to numerous attractions, the Oyster Travelcard allows for seamless travel across all London Underground lines, which means the package includes the tube, and bus services. By combining these two options, visitors can not only enjoy discounted entry to popular sites but also have the flexibility to easily hop on and off the Underground and buses throughout the city. The prepaid Oyster Card elimiates the need to purchase individual tickets, offering a hassle-free experience and saving both time and money. Whether it’s visiting renowned landmarks or venturing off the beaten path, the London Pass with an Oyster Travelcard provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for exploring the vibrant city.

What is the main advantage of a London Pass?

The main advantage of having a London Pass is that it provides discounted entry to a wide range of popular attrctons and landmarks in London. With the London Pass, you can gain access to numerous sites without having to purchase individual tickets, which can save both time and money. The pass offers convenience by allowing you to skip the ticket queues at select attractions, saving you valuable time during your visit. Additionally, the London Pass often includes special offers and deals for various dining, shopping, and entertainment establishments, providing additional savings and benefits. Overall, the main advantage of a London Pass is that it offers a cost-effective and convenient way to explore and experience the best of what London has to offer.

Although the London Pass is a worthwhile investment, particularly for those with limited time in London, it’s important to note that each attraction typically requires 2 to 4 hours to fully explore, although you can stay as long as you want, which can easily consume half of your day, including an hour for lunch. Additionally, despite their proximity to one another, navigating between attractions on foot can be tiring, considering the vast size of London and the sheer scale of many of its attractions.

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London Pass vs. London Explorer Pass

The London Pass and the London Explorer Pass are both sightseeing passes designed to help visitors save money and gain access to popular attractions in London. However, there are some differences between the two. Let’s compare them:

1. Attractions: The London Pass offers access to a wide range of attractions, including popular landmarks, museums, and tours. It covers over 80 attractions, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Shard, and the Thames River Cruise. On the other hand, the London Explorer Pass allows you to choose a specific number of attractions from a list of around 20 options. The available attractions may vary with each pass.

2. Flexibility: The London Pass offers a fixed duration (1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 days), allowing unlimited entry to attractions within that period. The London Explorer Pass, however, offers more flexbility in terms of the number of attractions you can visit. You can choose to visit 3, 4, 5, or 7 attractions within 60 days from the first use.

3. Price: the cost of each pass depends on the duration or the number of attractiosn you choose. The London Pass tends to be more expensive upfront due to its unlimited entry feature. The London Explorer Pass, on the other hand, allows you to pay for only the attractions you want to visit, which can be more cost-effective if you plan to visit a few specific places.

4. Fast track entry: London is a bustling city with popular attractions that can attract long queues. The London Pass includes fast track entry to selected attractions, allowing you to skip the ticket lines and save time. The London Explorer Pass does not include this benefit.

5. Guidebook and App: The Go City London Pass includes a comprehensive guidebook and a user-friendly mobile app. The guidebook provides detailed information about each attraction, including maps, directions, and insider’s tips. Additionally, the mobile app allows pass holders to easily access their pass, track their savings, and plan their itinerary on the go.

6. Reviews: For detailed reviews, visit the Tripadvisor website wher you’ll find people’s experiences with the London Pass.

When deciding between the London Pass and the London Explorer Pass, consider your travel preferences, the number of attractiosn you plan to visit, and your budget. If you prefer flexibility and have a specific list of attractions in mind, the London Explorer Pass might be a better option. However, if you want unlimited access to a wide range of attractions and prefer fast track entry, the London Pass could be more suitable. Remember, although some attractions are next to each other, it doesn’t mean that it’s walking distances from one another because London attractions are huge. If you opt for a 2 day pass, consider whether having the London Pass is really worth it for a short amount of time as most attractions lasts 2 – 4 hours. Walking from attraction A to attraction B can also be tiring.

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Getting to London

Getting to London is a breeze with multiple transportation options available. Whether you prefer flying, taking the train, or driving, here’s a breakdown of the major and minor airports, train services, and car travel options to help you plan your journey.

Airports: London is served by several major airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. Heathrow Airport, located to the west of the city, is one of the busiest airports in the world and offers a wide range of international flights. Gatwick Airport, situated south of London, is another major international airport with a significant number of flight connections. Stansted Airport, located to the northeast of London, is primarily known for its budget airlines and low-cost flights.

Train Services: London is well-connected to other cities in the UK and Europe via an extensive train network. The Eurostar high-speed train service operates from London St Pancras International, providing direct connections to Paris, Brussels, and other European destinations. Additionally, there are multiple train stations in London, including Paddington, King’s Cross, Euston, Victoria, and Liverpool Street, which offer connections to various parts of the UK.

Car Travel: If you prefer driving to London, there are excellent road connections to the city. The major routes into London include the M1 from the north, the M4 from the west, the M3 from the southwest, and the M25 orbital motorway that encircles Greater London. When travelling from Paris to Calais, you have the option of taking a ferry from Calais to Dover, which is an ideal choice for a day trip or if you prefer the scenic coastal route.

It’s important to note that traffic congestion can be a challenge when driving in London, especially during peak hours. Consider parking options in advance or opt for public transportation within the city for easier mobility.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, London offers various options to suit your travel preferences. Whether arriving at one of the major airports, taking a train from another city, or embarking on a road trip, you’ll find convenient and reliable ways to reach the vibrant capital of the UK.

Tower of London at night

Exploring London’s Iconic Landmarks with Go City London Pass

London is home to a plethora of iconic landmarks that are included with the London Pass. It captivates visitors from around the world. The Tower of London stands tall as a historic fortress, offering a glimpse into the city’s rich past with its medieval architecture, Crown Jewels, and haunting tales. A Thames River Cruise allows travellers to soak in the city’s majestic skyline while gliding along the famous river, passing under the magnificent Tower Bridge and catching glimpses of historic sites along the way. Exploring the city on a Hop-On Hop-Off bus provides a convenient and flexible way to visit popular attractions, including the grand Westminster Abbey, where royal weddings and coronations have taken place. St. Paul’s Cathedral, with its iconic dome, showcases breathtaking architecture and offers manoramic views from its top. The Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich impresses with its stunning baroque buildings and beautiful grounds. And, of cours, Tower Bridge, an engineering marvel, stands produly as an iconic symbol of London, offering visitors the chance to walk across its high-level walkways and enjoy stunning views of the city. These landmarks embody the charm, history, and grandeur that make London a captivating destination.


Customizable Itineraries

The pass enables you to create a personalised itinerary based on your interests and preferences. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an art lover, or an avid explorer, the Go City London Pass offers a diverse selection of attractions to cater to every taste. You have the freedom to choose which attractions to visit and can even change your plans on the go, making each day of your visit unique and memorable.

For itineraries using the London Pass, I have created posts on the recommended time to visit each attraction. Read the 2 days in London, 3 days in London, 4 day London itinerary, 5 day London itinerary, and 6 days in London. The attractions above are all included in the London Pass and the itineraries provided.



In conclusion, the Go City London Pass offers unrivaled access to top attractions, cost-effective savings, time-saving convenience, customisable itineraries, insider tips, additional perks, and user-friendly experience. It truly is the ultimate ticket to unlocking unforgettable memories in the remarkable city of London.

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I am also a part of an affiliate program with Expedia.co.uk and Tripadvisor.co.uk where you’ll find comparison prices and reviews on accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

If you book through me with no additional charge to you, I get a commission from them.

In addition, I am able to recommend and advise on your travel plans before you book your travel holidays (vacation as the Americans call it). Contact me on Facebook if you want to find out more about booking your London holidays.


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