Book your London holiday with Expedia

When it comes to planning a memorable trip to London, Expedia holidays stands out as the ultimate holiday booking companion. With its user-friendly interface, extensive inventory, and unrivalled deals, Expedia empowers travellers to create their dream London itinerary with ease. From world-class accommodations to a comprehensive selection of flights, Expedia offers a one-stop solution for all your travel needs. Its robust search filters and detailed descriptions enable users to find the perfect hotel in their preferred neighbourhood, while its vast range of flights ensures convenient and affordable travel options. Moreover, Expedia’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its 24/7 customer support, ensuring a hassle-free experience throughout your journey. By choosing Expedia, travellers can embrace the charm of London, confident in the knowledge that they have a reliable and efficient platform to curate their ideal holiday.

Read on to find out more about booking flights and accommodation through Expedia.

Is Expedia a trusted company?

Yes, Expedia is generally considered a trusted company in the travel industry. It has been a prominent player in the online travel booking space for many years and has established a strong reputation. Expedia offers a wide range of travel services, including flight bookings, hotel reservations, vacation packages, car rentals, and more. The platform collaborates with numerous reputable airlines, hotels, and service providers worldwide. Expedia also implements secure payment systems and provides customer support to ensure a positive experience for its users. However, as with any online platform, it is always a good practice to exercise caution, compare prices, and read reviews before making any bookings.

Can I book on Expedia UK?

Yes, you can book through Expedia UK. Expedia operates in multiple countries, including the UK, and offers a localised version of its website specifically tailored for users in the UK. By visiting the Expedia UK website, you can search for flights, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, and other travel services specifically for destinations within the UK and around the world. The website provides pricing in British pounds (GBP) and includes features and offerings relevant to the UK market. Whether you are planning a trip within the UK or an international journey, Expedia UK provides a convenient platform for booking your travel arrangements.

Is Expedia Membership free?

Yes, Expedia offers a membership program called Expedia Rewards, and it is free to join. As a member, you can earn points on eligible bookings, which can be redeemed for discounts on future travel. Additionally, Expedia Rewards members have access to exclusive deals and benefits, such as member-only pricing, complimentary upgrades, and priority customer service. Joining Expedia Rewards is a great way to enhance your travel experience and enjoy additional perks without any cost.

The perks of travelling with Expedia keep getting better the more you explore. With Expedia, the more you travel, the more exclusive benefits you’ll unlock, especially when it comes to VIP Access stays. As you accumulate your travel experiences, you’ll gain access to a world of additional privileges and special treatment at VIP Access properties. So, embark on your journeys with Expedia, and watch as the rewards and perks elevate your travel adventures to new heights.

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Expedia Rewards

What do Expedia members get?

Expedia Members enjoy several benefits that enhance their travel experience. Here are some perks of being an Expedia Member:

1. Expedia Rewards Points: Members can earn points on eligible bookings, including flights, hotels, holiday packages, and activities. These points can be accumulated and redeemed for discounts on future travel, allowing members to save money on their trips.

2. Member Pricing: Expedia offers exclusive member-only pricing on select hotels, flights, rental cars, and activities. This ensures that members have access to discounted rates and can save more on their bookings compared to non-members.

3. VIP Access: Expedia Members have the opportunity to stay at VIP Access properties. These hotels are known for their exceptional service, high-quality amenities, and excellent customer reviews. Staying at a VIP Access property allows members to enjoy a luxurious and memorable travel experience.

4. Enhanced Customer Support: Expedia provides dedicated customer service for its members. Members have access to priority customer support, ensuring a smoother and more personalized assistance whenever they need help with their bookings or have any travel-related questions.

5. Exclusive Deals and Offers: Expedia often offers special deals and promotions exclusively for its members. These can include discounted rates, bonus rewards points, or limited-time offers on various travel products. Members receive notifications about these exclusive deals, allowing them to take advantage of extra savings.

6. Flexible Booking Options: Expedia Members can enjoy more flexibility when it comes to managing their bookings. Depending on the fare or rate rules, they may have the ability to make changes or cancellations with ease, providing added peace of mind.

By becoming an Expedia Member, travellers can unlock these benefits, save money, and enjoy a more personalised and rewarding travel experience.

Visa Requirements

To visit London, the visa requirements depend on your nationality and the purpose and duration of your stay. Here’s a general overview of visa requirements for common scenarios:

1. Visa-Free Travel: Citizens of certain countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and many European countries, typically do not require a visa for tourist visits to the UK, including London. However, there are usually restrictions on the length of stay, usually up to 6 months. It’s essential to check the specific visa-free travel rules for your country before planning your trip.

2. Short-Term Tourism and Business Visas: If you are from a country that does not have visa-free travel arrangements with the UK or if you intend to stay for longer than the permitted visa-free period, you may need to apply for a visitor visa. The Standard Visitor Visa allows individuals to visit the UK for tourism, business meetings, or medical treatment for up to 6 months. The application process involves completing an online form and providing necessary documentation.

3. Work and Study Visas: If you plan to work, study, or engage in other long-term activities in London, you may require a specific visa, such as a Tier 2 (General) Visa for employment or a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa for studying at a recognized educational institution. These visas have additional requirements, including sponsorship and proof of eligibility.

It’s crucial to check the official UK government website or consult with the nearest British embassy or consulate in your country to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding visa requirements for your specific situation. The requirements may vary based on factors such as nationality, purpose of visit, duration of stay, and recent changes in immigration policies. Ensuring compliance with visa requirements will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip to London.

Expedia travel packages

Expedia package holidays offer travellers a convenient and hassle-free way to plan their dream holidays. With a vast selection of destinations and flexible options, including the UK, Expedia allows customers to customise their holiday packages according to their preferences and budget. Whether it’s a relaxing beach getaway, and adventurous mountain expedition, or a cultural city tour, Expedia provides a wide range of accommodations, flights, and activities to choose from. By bundling these components together, travellers can enjoy significant savings and simplify their travel planning process. Expedia’s user-friendly website and dedicated customer service make it easy to browse, compare, and book package holidays, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable holiday experience for all. 

Expedia deals

Finding the best deals

Finding the best deals in London through Expedia is a great way to save money and make the most of your trip. Here are some tips to help you find the top deals:

1. Compare and contrast: In the search bar, type where you’re leaving from and where you are going to, choose the dates based on the month you wish to travel, and include flights and accommodation package so you’ll get the prices cheaper. The best time to go to London is during Christmas and shopping around, I found that you can travel by flight with accommodation at around £200 for 6 nights. Shop around.

2. Bundled Packages: Consider booking flight and hotel packages together. Expedia offers discounted rates when you book flights and accommodations simultaneously. Bundling your bookings can lead to significant savings.

3. Expedia Rewards: Join the Expedia Rewards program to earn points on your bookings. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future travel, allowing you to save even more on your London trip.

When it comes to redeeming your Expedia Rewards points, the value is clear. For every 140 points you redeem, you’ll save $1 on a future booking, which equates to approximately 0.7 cents per point. This means that 1,000 points hold a value of around $7. The best part is that you have the freedom to use your points for anything you desire, without the need to search for specific award availability. Whether it’s flights, hotels, vacation packages, or activities, your Expedia Rewards points can be applied to any booking, providing you with flexibility and savings on your travel expenses.

4. Deal Section: Check out Expedia’s deals section, which features discounted rates on flights, hotels, holiday packages, and activities. Keep an eye on these deals as they are regularly updated, providing opportunities to grab excellent bargains.

5. Last-Minute Deals: If you have a flexible travel schedule, consider booking last-minute deals through Expedia. Sometimes hotels and airlines offer discounted rates to fill remaining vacancies or empty seats. Keep an eye on Expedia’s last-minute deals section for these opportunities.

6. Insider Prices: As an Expedia member, you may have access to exclusive member-only pricing on selected hotels and flights. Make sure you log in to your Expedia account to unlock these insider prices. 

Discover the potential savings by simply locating the yellow and blue tickets. These tickets indicate the percentage of savings you could enjoy. By identifying these special offers, you can uncover the discounted prices and take advantage of significant savings. Keep an eye out for the yellow and blue tickets to unlock fantastic deals and maximize your savings.

7. Price Comparison: Use Expedia to compare prices across different airlines, hotels, and other travel services. Expedia aggregates multiple options, allowing you to easily compare and choose the best deal that suits your budget and preferences.

8. Newsletter and App Notifications: Sign up for Expedia’s newsletter and download their app. This way, you’ll receive notifications about exclusive deals, flash sales, and limited-time offers, ensuring you stay informed about the latest opportunities to save money.

Please note, the prices are one way trips, so when you see a price you’re interested in, times it by 2 to get a return flight. So, be sure to read the small prints.

By following these tips and utilising Expedia’s features and offers, you can maximize your savings and find the best deals for your London trip. Enjoy the enchanting city while keeping your wallet happy!

Getting to London

Getting to London is a breeze with multiple transportation options available. Whether you prefer flying, taking the train, or driving, here’s a breakdown of the major and minor airports, train services, and car travel options to help you plan your journey.

Airports: London is served by several major airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. Heathrow Airport, located to the west of the city, is one of the busiest airports in the world and offers a wide range of international flights. Gatwick Airport, situated south of London, is another major international airport with a significant number of flight connections. Stansted Airport, located to the northeast of London, is primarily known for its budget airlines and low-cost flights.

Train Services: London is well-connected to other cities in the UK and Europe via an extensive train network. The Eurostar high-speed train service operates from London St Pancras International, providing direct connections to Paris, Brussels, and other European destinations. Additionally, there are multiple train stations in London, including Paddington, King’s Cross, Euston, Victoria, and Liverpool Street, which offer connections to various parts of the UK.

Car Travel: If you prefer driving to London, there are excellent road connections to the city. The major routes into London include the M1 from the north, the M4 from the west, the M3 from the southwest, and the M25 orbital motorway that encircles Greater London. When travelling from Paris to Calais, you have the option of taking a ferry from Calais to Dover, which is an ideal choice for a day trip or if you prefer the scenic coastal route.

It’s important to note that traffic congestion can be a challenge when driving in London, especially during peak hours. Consider parking options in advance or opt for public transportation within the city for easier mobility.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, London offers various options to suit your travel preferences. Whether arriving at one of the major airports, taking a train from another city, or embarking on a road trip, you’ll find convenient and reliable ways to reach the vibrant capital of the UK.

Tower of London at night

Exploring London’s Iconic Landmarks with Expedia

Experience the best of London’s iconic landmarks with the convenience and savings offered by Expedia. Take advantage of the 24-hour hop-on-hop-off bus tour that allows you to explore the city at your own pace while enjoying informative commentary along the way. This comprehensive tour covers major attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the British Museum.

For breathtaking views of the city, indulge in the London Eye and River Cruise package available through Expedia. Marvel at London’s skyline from the iconic London Eye observation wheel and then embark on a leisurely river cruise along the Thames, soaking in the city’s landmarks from a unique perspective. By bundling these experiences, you’ll not only save money but also enjoy a seamless day of sightseeing.

To maximize your savings and gain access to a plethora of attractions, consider downloading the London Pass app recommended by Expedia. This app provides discounts and skip-the-line access to over 80 attractions, including the historic Tower of London, a thrilling Uber boat ride on the River Thames, the majestic Westminster Abbey, and many more captivating sites. With the London Pass app, you can make the most of your time in London while enjoying significant discounts and skipping queues.

With Expedia as your trusted travel partner, you can easily plan and book these fantastic experiences, ensuring that your exploration of London’s iconic landmarks is both enjoyable and cost-effective. Don’t miss out on these remarkable attractions and the opportunity to save money by taking advantage of Expedia’s bundled packages and the London Pass app. 

Find out more about exploring London’s iconic landmarks with Expedia.


Grafitti in Shoreditch, London

Immerse yourself in London’s Culture Scene

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture scene of London by booking a tour guide through Expedia. While many areas in London can be explored independently and for free, if you truly want to delve deep into the history and culture of this magnificent city, a tour guide is the perfect option. Expedia offers an excellent package offer that includes a variety of guided tours to enhance your London experience. For example, the Changing of the Guard tour provides a personalized and informative guided experience. Follow the parade to Buckingham Palace, learn about the fascinating history behind the guards’ uniforms, and let the guide lead you to the best locations and viewpoints for capturing stunning photographs. Other options include the London Bike Ride tour, allowing you to explore the city’s iconic landmarks on two wheels, and the London West End: Musical Walking Tour, where you can discover the enchanting world of theater and music. With Expedia’s curated tour packages, you can ensure an immersive and enriching cultural journey through the heart of London.

Find out more about immersing yourself in London’s culture scene with Expedia.

Indulge in London’s Culinary Delights

Embark on a delectable journey through London’s culinary scene with Expedia’s enticing tours that cater to food lovers. Indulge in a City Cruise London Dinner River Thames Cruise, where you can savour a delicious meal while cruising along the iconic River Thames, taking in breathtaking views of London’s landmarks. For a quintessentially British experience, enjoy Afternoon Tea at the British Museum, where you can relish traditional tea, delicate sandwiches, and delectable pastries in the elegant setting of this renowned cultural institution. Step into history with the London: Historical Pub Walking Tour, exploring the city’s charming pubs, while learning about their fascinating stories and enjoying a refreshing pint. If you’re up for some nightlife fun, join one of the lively pub crawls and experience the vibrant bar scene London has to offer. For a taste of rock ‘n’ roll, dine at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe London Old Park Lane, where you can savour delicious American cuisine surrounded by music memorabilia, and enjoy priority seating for a truly memorable dining experience. With these curated culinary tours, Expedia ensures that your taste buds are delighted, and you create lasting memories while exploring London’s gastronomic delights.

Find out more about indulging in London’s culinary delights.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Day Trips and beyond

Embark on unforgettable day trips and beyond with Expedia, where adventure awaits beyond the bustling streets of London. Explore iconic destinations like Windsor Castle, the magnificent residence of the British royal family, and marvel at its grandeur and rich history. Journey to the mystical and enigmatic Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument that has captivated visitors for centuries. Immerse yourself in the Roman heritage and Georgian elegance of Bath, where you can visit the famous Roman Baths and the stunning Bath Abbey. But the adventures don’t stop there – with Expedia, you can even embark on a magical day trip to Paris, the City of Lights, where you can experience the romance and charm of the French capital. Enjoy the optional lunch at the Eiffel Tower and take in panoramic views of this enchanting city. Whether you choose to explore the captivating sights closer to London or venture further afield to Paris, Expedia’s curated tours and experiences ensure that you make the most of your day trips and create memories to last a lifetime. Let Expedia be your trusted guide as you embark on extraordinary adventures beyond London’s borders.

Find out more about going on day trips and beyond.

Portobello Road, London

Best London neighbourhoods to stay in

Before you book your flight and accommodation, let’s find the best neighbourhoods to stay when you’re in London. After all, finding a hotel location is also important when you’re seeking attractions you want to visit. My tip is to stay in the centre of London as transport links are well connected. Although, the north, west, south and east London are also well connected, it will be further away to get to the tourist attractions, but it depends on what floats your boat.

London is a diverse and vibrant city with a wide range of neighbourhoods to choose from. Here are some of the best neighborhoods for tourists to stay in London:

1. Westminster: This iconic neighbourhood is home to some of London’s most famous attractions, including Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. Staying here puts you in the heart of the city and within walking distance of many major sights.

2. Covent Garden: Known for its lively atmosphere and street performers, Covent Garden offers a fantastic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It’s also conveniently located near the West End theatres and the British Museum.

3. Kensington: If you’re looking for a more upscale and elegant neighbourhood, Kensington is a great choice. It’s home to Kensington Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, and beautiful green spaces like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It’s also a short bus ride to Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus, and Leicester Square. The area also offers excellent shopping opportunities along South Kensington.

4. Soho: This vibrant and eclectic neighbourhood is known for its lively nightlife, trendy restaurants, and quirky shops. Soho is centrally located and provides easy access to theatres, Chinatown, and shopping areas like Oxford Street and Regent Street. It’s also LGBTQ friendly.

5. Camden: For a more alternative and bohemian vibe, Camden is the place to be. Famous for its markets, live music venues, and street art, Camden offers a unique experience. Don’t miss the bustling Camden Lock Market and the vibrant Camden Town. It’s also LGBTQ friendly.

6. South Bank: Located along the River Thames, South Bank is home to many of London’s cultural attractions, including the Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and the London Eye. It’s a great choice for those interested in art, theatre, and stunning views of the city. It’s also great for families with young children who love the outdoors. Find out more about 31 things to do in South Bank London.

7. Notting Hill: This charming and picturesque neighbourhood is famous for its colourful houses, Portobello Road Market, and the annual Notting Hill Carnival. It’s a delightful place to wander, explore the local boutiques, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

These are just a few of the many incredible neighbourhoods London has to offer. Each neighbourhood has its own unique character and attractions, so consider your interests and preferences when choosing the best neighborhood for your stay.

Fruit and vegetable stands in Borough Market

Best Food Places to try in London

London is a food lover’s paradise, with a diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes. Here are some delicious food areas in London that are definitely worth a visit:

1. Borough Market: Located near London Bridge, Borough Market is a foodie’s haven. It’s one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, offering a wide range of fresh produce, artisanal products, and international street food. Be sure to try the mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches, delectable pastries, and gourmet burgers.

2. Chinatown: Nestled in the heart of London’s West End, Chinatown is a vibrant area bursting with Chinese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese eateries. Here, you can savour authentic dim sum, indulge in aromatic noodle dishes, and feast on traditional Chinese roast meats. Don’t miss the opportunity to try bubble tea and explore the colourful Asian supermarkets.

3. Brick Lane: Brick Lane, located in the vibrant East End of Shoreditch London, is a melting pot of diverse culinary delights. This area is famous for its Bangladeshi and Indian restaurants, offering mouthwatering curries, tandoori dishes, and street food snacks. The Sunday UpMarket is a must-visit for its international street food stalls and fusion cuisine. Click to find out more about things to do in Shoreditch London.

4. Covent Garden: Covent Garden is not just known for its theaters and shopping, but also for its fantastic food scene. Here, you’ll find an array of restaurants, cafes, and trendy food stalls. Indulge in gourmet burgers, artisanal pizzas, international cuisine, and delectable desserts in this lively and bustling area.

5. Portobello Road Market: Located in the vibrant Notting Hill neighbourhood, Portobello Road Market is not only famous for its antiques but also for its delicious street food. Sample mouthwatering Caribbean jerk chicken, aromatic Moroccan tagines, and freshly baked pastries as you wander through the market.

6. Bermondsey Food Market: For foodies seeking a unique experience, head to the Bermondsey Food Market. This Saturday market features an incredible array of artisanal food and drink producers. From homemade cheeses and charcuterie to freshly baked bread and craft beers, this market is a hidden gem for food enthusiasts.

7. King’s Cross: Once an industrial area, King’s Cross has undergone a transformation and is now home to a vibrant food and drink scene. Here, you’ll find trendy restaurants, street food markets, and artisanal coffee shops. Enjoy global cuisine, innovative cocktails, and gourmet burgers while soaking in the creative atmosphere.

These food areas in London offer a tantalizing range of culinary experiences, reflecting the city’s multiculturalism and culinary diversity. Whether you’re seeking international flavours, street food delights, or artisanal treats, these areas will satisfy your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

London Hidden Gems

London is a city filled with hidden gems, lesser-known attractions, and off-the-beaten-path spots waiting to be discovered. Here are some London hidden gems worth exploring:

1. Leadenhall Market: Tucked away in the City of London, Leadenhall Market is a stunning covered market with a rich history dating back to the 14th century. Its beautifully restored Victorian architecture, charming shops, and unique atmosphere make it a hidden gem for shopping, dining, and taking in the historic ambiance.

2. Little Venice: Located in Camden Town, Little Venice is a picturesque area where the Grand Union Canal and Regent’s Canal meet. Take a tranquil boat ride, stroll along the canalside paths, and enjoy the cozy waterside cafes and charming narrowboats. It’s a peaceful and romantic escape from the bustling city. 

3. Dennis Severs’ House: Step back in time at Dennis Severs’ House in Spitalfields. This unique museum recreates the atmosphere of an 18th-century home through meticulously curated period rooms filled with antiques, sounds, and scents. It’s an immersive and enchanting experience that transports you to another era.

4. Kyoto Garden: Located within Holland Park, Kyoto Garden is a hidden oasis of tranquility inspired by Japanese gardens. It features beautiful landscaped gardens, a koi pond, peaceful waterfalls, and vibrant flora. It’s the perfect place to relax and find serenity amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

5. Sir John Soane’s Museum: Discover a treasure trove of art and antiquities at Sir John Soane’s Museum in Holborn. The former home of the renowned architect, it houses an extraordinary collection of artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, and architectural models. The museum’s unique layout and atmospheric interiors make it a hidden gem for art enthusiasts.

6. God’s Own Junkyard: Situated in Walthamstow, God’s Own Junkyard is a neon wonderland and a true hidden gem. This eccentric gallery is filled with dazzling neon signs, vintage movie props, and colorful art installations. It’s a feast for the eyes and a unique spot for capturing stunning photographs.

7. The Old Operating Theatre Museum: Housed in the attic of St. Thomas’ Church in Southwark, the Old Operating Theatre Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of surgery. It showcases the world’s oldest surviving operating theater, complete with surgical instruments and displays on medical practices from the past.

These London hidden gems offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history, artistic flair, and unique charm. Explore beyond the well-known attractions, and you’ll uncover a whole new side of London waiting to be discovered.


As you can see, London is a city filled with endless possibilities and hidden gems waiting to be explored. Now is the perfect time to start planning your London adventure and make the most of everything this incredible city has to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and immerse yourself in the rich history, vibrant culture, and mouthwatering cuisine.

To kickstart your London journey, I highly recommend using Expedia, your ultimate travel companion. With its user-friendly interface, extensive selection of flights, hotels, and vacation packages, and unbeatable deals, Expedia will make planning your trip a breeze. But remember, time is of the essence. London is a popular destination, and bookings fill up fast. So, don’t wait! Click on the Expedia affiliate link below and secure your bookings early to take advantage of limited-time offers and ensure you get the best options for your London adventure.

Start your London adventure now with Expedia!

So go ahead, click that link, and let the journey begin. London awaits, ready to mesmerize you with its charm, history, and vibrant energy. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Happy travels!

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I am also a part of an affiliate program with, where you’ll find comparison prices and reviews on accommodation, restaurants and attractions.

If you book through me with no additional charge to you, I get a commission from them.

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