The Best Guide to Vapiano Tower Bridge Restaurant

Vapiano Tower Bridge Restaurant

Looking for an Italian restaurant in London? Look no further, because Vapiano Tower Bridge is one of the many Italian restaurants to try in the heart of London. There are three Vapiano restaurants in London, and one each in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Manchester.

Imagine going to a country, not knowing where to go, not knowing where to eat, and getting lost. Finding out about people’s interests, what they like to do when they get to a destination and how to get there are all important factors when organising a holiday. A lot of people ask other travellers about their travels to a particular country and recommendations on places to go, see and eat, especially first timers to a country. I

This post doesn’t just cover what you’ll read on their website; it covers the experiences I felt when I visited the restaurant. From the services, to how we pay to the food and price offered. This is my experience dining in one of the most successful Italian restaurants in London.

Insider’s Tips on eating in restaurants in London: A lot of restaurants in London don’t accept cash here, so don’t worry about having cash handy when going out to eat. They’ll usually tell you that they would accept cash but would recommend paying by card or by phone.

The atmosphere at Vapiano Tower Bridge

I loved the atmosphere at Vapiano Tower Bridge. Unlike to Coppa Club Tower Bridge, not far from Vapiano’s, it’s bright and looked like it was open for business. The entrance to Coppa Club Tower Bridge looked like it was hidden from view by dark thick flower arches leading to the igloos.

The wide-open space gave it that welcoming factor and, on your right, you could see around six chefs working with their sizzling pans making everyone’s dishes, most of them Italian.  On your left, there were several tall, long wooden pine tables for people to sit on covering about six people. Your feet won’t hit the ground, but it feels comfortable. If there were 2 people sitting there, then the waiters would sit another couple next to you, but you’d still have your own space. You’d be lucky if there weren’t anyone sitting there unless it was busy.

There were more seats at the end of the restaurant, but we were still given a good seating area. There were also giant paintings of different parts of Italy on the wall and descriptions of salads, vegetables, and vegetarian and vegan choices.

The service at Vapiano Tower Bridge

Bacio dessert

When visiting Vapiano, you don’t have to book to reserve a table, you can just walk in, but times do get busy, especially the weekends, so it’s better to reserve in advanced.

We arrived at 7:30 pm and were greeted at the door. When we arrived at around 7 pm on Tuesday, it wasn’t really that busy. There were a few simple plastic chairs and tables outside where people have quiet drinks, and the restaurant looked bright. A few members of staff smiled at us, and we were escorted to our table in no time. The best thing about the service was that the waiter recommended us the tiramisu for our desserts. Not a lot of restaurants recommend a dish for us.

The waiters don’t take your food order, you’d have to order through your phone, so it’s recommended to have a smartphone with you. Scan the QR code on the table and it will send through straight to the menu. If you haven’t done so already, you need to register. It will ask you for your contact details which include your name and phone number. A lot of people hate this. Once you’ve done that, you can order straight away. The order will be sent to the kitchen, and you’ll get your food within 20 to 30 minutes. Overall, it could be nerve-racking if you’re not tech-savvy with your phone, but the waiters will be happy to help.

The food at Vapiano


When you order, Vapiano will give you a selection of pasta to choose from. You can have fusilli, spaghetti, penne, campanelle, linguini, tagliatelle, spelt linguini, or spelt fusilli. You could also have several bags of uncooked pasta at the back, where the chefs cooked.

I opted for the fusilli salmon carbonara. It’s filled with salmon fillet, onions, cream, Italian hard cheese, egg yolk, and parsley. The food arrived within 20 minutes. Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s an authentic Italian dish, but what stood out to me the most was the strong smell of onions and hard cheese as I put the pasta into my mouth.

For dessert, I opted for the Bacio consisting of chocolate and hazelnut blended on top of a biscuit base with sprinkles of hazelnut on top. The Bacio was made in a small glass cup, the size of a latte cup. It’s suitable for people who need sweetness after a strong meal.

I didn’t order wine as I don’t drink that much alcohol but compared to the food in Coppa Club Tower Bridge, the selection of pasta and spaghetti dishes tasted more authentic in my opinion.


The price

The price for the salmon carbonara and diet coke cost me £15 for one person, a standard price in London. Post-COVID, there has been a rise in tax and many restaurants may raise their prices up because of this. It was worth the money for the service and the atmosphere. It was also piping hot, and I could smell the strong aroma of the onions when the waiter put my plate down, so it’s 10 out of 10 for atmosphere and service for me.


Tower Bridge at nightThe night was clear, dark, and breezy when I stepped out of the busy and bustling London Bridge train station. Going through the clean, tall, grey, modern 21st Century buildings with shiny glass windows, you could see several upmarket restaurants, waiters with their black waistcoats and bow tie looking pristine. There are also local supermarkets and coffee shops among them. Although you can’t see Tower Bridge and Tower of London when you’re eating, it’s situated in Potter’s Field, right next to Tower Bridge, Tower of London, and the River Thames. It’s a great location and it’s also and a few minutes away from Coppa Club Tower Bridge restaurant.

I am a regular customer of Vapiano and visit every year because of its service and atmosphere. Vapiano Tower Bridge is brighter than the one in Covent Garden and less busy on a Tuesday evening. I wouldn’t say Vapiano is authentic because an authentic Italian dish wouldn’t normally let you choose what pasta to have on your dish, it would automatically be given to you on the menu. If you want a quick fix or just to relax with your family and loved ones, then Vapiano is just another restaurant near Tower Bridge. There are so many accommodations around the South Bank and London Bridge station, so if you can find somewhere to stay here, you’ve got restaurants, cafes, attractions, nightlife all rolled into one. If you have 1 day in London or 2 days in London, you can find 31 things to do in the South Bank before or after your meal at Vapiano. Check out their website for more information about Vapiano Restaurant around London.

Beer garden at night, South Bank, London

Beer garden next to the River Thames

Hays Galleria London Bridge

Hays Galleria, London Bridge

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