How to Immerse in Festivity: South Bank Christmas Market

Southbank Winter Market

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How to make the most of the Southbank Christmas Market



Winter in London is a magical time, and nestled along the iconic South Bank of the Thames River, a festive haven comes to life—the South Bank Winter Market. As the air crisps with anticipation and the cityscape glimmers with holiday lights, the South Bank Christmas market stalls comes to life. The markets emerge as an enchanting spectacle, promising visitors an immersive winter experience like no other.

Picture this: a charming array of twinkling lights guiding your way, the comforting scent of mulled wine and delectable treats wafting through the air, and the joyous laughter of people immersed in the holiday spirit. The South Bank Winter Market is not just an event; it’s a celebration of winter’s warmth and a testament to the vibrant tapestry of London’s cultural scene during the colder months.

In this guide, we invite you to join us on a journey through the wonders of the South Bank Winter Market. From culinary delights to unique crafts and heartwarming entertainment, we’ll navigate the maze of stalls and share insider tips to ensure your visit is nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s unwrap the magic of the season and dive into the festive charm that awaits along the South Bank.

What is the closest station to the South Bank Christmas Market?

To reach the South Bank, take the tube to Westminster Tube Station. From there, cross Westminster Bridge alongside the iconic Big Ben. As you continue, the London Eye will come into view, indicating that you’ve arrived in the vibrant South Bank area. Alternatively, you can disembark at Waterloo Train Station and head towards the Southbank Centre. London Bridge is also an option, though it’s a bit farther. If you enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Southbank, it’s a scenic choice. The train/tube stations are all walking distance to the South Bank as the South Bank is a walking strip along the river Thames.

If you’re staying near the West End such as Charing Cross Station, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden or London Bridge, there are many buses that stop outside Westminster Station, London Bridge Station and Waterloo Station.

For a comprehensive list of 31 things to do in the Southbank, including a visit to the Tower of London, click here. Trafalgar Square, located in the West End, is just a 10-minute bus ride or a 14-minute walk from the Southbank.

South Bank Opening Times




Saturday – 11 am–11 pm

Sunday – (Christmas Eve) – 11 am–10 pm – Hours might differ

Monday – (Christmas Day) – 11 am–10 pm – Hours might differ

Tuesday (Boxing Day) – 11 am–10 pm Hours might differ

Wednesday – 11 am–10 pm

Thursday – 11 am–10 pm

Friday – 11 am–11 pm

(Note that hours may differ every year)

Insider’s Tips

When visiting the Southbank Christmas Market, spend no more than 2 hours here, and make it the first thing to do on your bucket list, but take your time here. The market isn’t really that big, so people don’t usually spend all day here, unless you want to spend time in the bars drinking and socialising.  We’ll talk about that below.

Is South Bank Christmas Market free?

The South Bank Christmas Market is not only a festive feast for the senses but also a delightful experience that comes without an entrance fee. Embracing the spirit of generosity and community, this market offers visitors the chance to stroll through its enchanting stalls, enjoy the festive atmosphere, and savor the culinary delights without any cost. The open and inclusive nature of the South Bank Christmas Market ensures that the joy of the season is accessible to everyone, creating a warm and welcoming environment for all to share in the holiday spirit without any admission fee.

The South Bank Winter Market Charm

Exiting the train station into the night, darkness surrounds you. The Queen’s Walk, a tranquil pathway hugging the Thames, is cloaked in shadows. The air is filled with the soft rustling of trees in the cold night wind, and only a few solitary souls tread its length. However, as you approach the market, a metamorphosis occurs.

Suddenly, the serene hush gives way to a vibrant hum. The Queen’s Walk, once quiet and dimly lit, gives way to a spectacle of radiant lights. A kaleidoscope of colors dances above the market stalls, illuminating the path forward. As you draw closer, the hushed tones of the night are replaced by the lively murmur of a gathered crowd.

The scene unfolds like a lively painting—people snugly nestled together, sharing warmth and laughter. The air is filled with the enticing aroma of mulled wine and coffee, creating a sensory symphony that signals your arrival at the heart of the market. The buzz of conversation, the clinking of mugs, and the joyous atmosphere envelop you, transforming the once-muted Queen’s Walk into a lively thoroughfare of winter revelry.

In this moment, the South Bank Winter Market emerges as a beacon of light, drawing people from the quiet darkness into a vibrant celebration. It’s a testament to the transformative power of the season, where the mere act of stepping into this enchanting market transports you from a tranquil riverside night to a lively, illuminated spectacle that warms both the body and soul.

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Background of South Bank Christmas Market

To truly understand the allure of the South Bank Winter Market, one must delve into its rich tapestry of history and culture. Unlike other markets, this winter wonderland isn’t merely an event—it’s a living testament to London’s soul during the festive season.

Origins in Riverside Revelry:

  • Nestled along the iconic South Bank of the Thames River, the market’s roots trace back to a time when riverside revelry was an integral part of London’s social fabric. Historically, the South Bank has been a hub of cultural exchange, commerce, and community gatherings.

Winter Transformations:

  • What sets the South Bank Winter Market apart is its seasonal metamorphosis. During winter, the market sheds its everyday identity to don a festive cloak. This transformation isn’t just a superficial display; it’s a nod to the longstanding tradition of celebrating the season amidst the backdrop of the Thames.

Local Artisans and Tradition:

  • Authenticity permeates the market’s stalls, which are curated with care to showcase the talents of local artisans. These vendors aren’t just sellers; they are custodians of tradition, offering handmade goods that carry the essence of London’s cultural heritage.

A Festive Tapestry of Diversity:

  • The market isn’t a monolith; it’s a living, breathing tapestry woven from the threads of London’s diverse communities. From the culinary delights that reflect the city’s global palate to the crafts that embody a melting pot of artistic influences, the South Bank Winter Market is a celebration of London’s cultural mosaic.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle:

  • In an era where sustainability is paramount, the South Bank Winter Market stands as a beacon of responsible festivities. From eco-friendly packaging to initiatives that support local growers and producers, the market strives to embody a sustainable approach to winter celebrations.

Community Engagement and Events:

  • Beyond its physical presence, the market fosters a sense of community engagement. It isn’t just a place to buy and sell; it’s a stage for local artists, a platform for community initiatives, and a gathering space for like-minded individuals who share a passion for winter’s embrace.

Authenticity in Every Detail:

  • What truly distinguishes the South Bank Winter Market from the rest is its commitment to authenticity in every detail. Whether it’s the carefully curated stalls or the ambiance that reflects the spirit of the season, each element is a deliberate brushstroke on the canvas of an authentic London winter experience.

As you explore the South Bank Winter Market, keep in mind that you’re not just stepping into an event; you’re immersing yourself in a tradition that echoes through the centuries. It’s this authenticity, born from the confluence of history, culture, and community, that sets the market apart and invites you to partake in a genuine celebration of winter along the banks of the Thames.

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Bar Under the Bridge Southbank


Southbank’s Bar Under the Bridge garnered significant media attention, particularly as an ideal destination during the Southbank Christmas Market. The website showcased a vibrant atmosphere, featuring festive decorations, bustling crowds, and various activities such as ping pong and a burger bar. Additionally, the promise of available board games added to its appeal.

Upon following the signs to “Bar Under the Bridge,” the ambiance shifted as I ventured further. Contrary to the lively depiction on the website, the bar revealed itself to be relatively small and lacked the anticipated vibrancy. Situated away from the bustling crowds, the venue also had the constant background noise of passing trains. Upon entering, only four people occupied the five booths, and there was no sign of ping pong or the promised board games. The Burger Bar appeared modest, with few patrons ordering, leading me to reconsider the decision to opt for the Christmas Market’s burger options, which seemed more cost-effective.

Despite the disparity between expectations and reality, Bar Under the Bridge offered a tranquil escape from the Christmas Market’s hustle and bustle. The establishment provided a peaceful setting and boasted a commendable selection of alcoholic beverages, presenting a contrasting but worthwhile experience.


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Circus Bar Southbank

Key Features:

  • Well-advertised, positioned away from the bustling market for a more relaxed setting.
  • Entrance designed like a circus tent, aligning with the theme.
  • Promise of a lively atmosphere, food and drink, and a social environment.

Actual Experience:

  • Difficult to find but lived up to the advertised promises.
  • Circus tent environment with four large tables, each hosting around 12 people.
  • Busier and more social compared to Bar Under the Bridge.
  • Heater lights shaped like coals for warmth in the middle of tables.
  • Additional area with bean bags and deck chairs for film-watching, creating an intimate yet sociable setting.
  • Ideal for those seeking a more intimate environment without feeling crowded.

What food is at the South Bank Christmas Market

Mulled Wine Tavern, Dutch Pancakes Stall, Oh My Dog Stall

The South Bank Christmas Market is a festive haven for food enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of culinary delights that captivate the spirit of the season. As visitors wander through the market, the aromatic allure of Dutch Pancakes wafts through the air, enticing taste buds with their warm and fluffy texture. The Oh My Dog Stall adds a savory twist to the festivities, featuring mouthwatering gourmet hot dogs that are a perfect blend of comfort and creativity. For those seeking a cozy respite, the Mulled Wine Tavern beckons with its rich, spiced concoctions that provide a soothing contrast to the winter chill. Each culinary corner at the South Bank Christmas Market is a testament to the diverse and delectable offerings that make this holiday gathering a gastronomic celebration like no other.

Mulled Wine Tavern:

  • A haven for mulled wine enthusiasts.
  • Offers a warm and comforting drink perfect for the winter season.

Dutch Pancakes Stall:

  • A delightful stop for those craving authentic Dutch pancakes.
  • A variety of toppings and flavours to suit different preferences.

Oh My Dog Stall:

  • Appeals to hot dog lovers with a creative and diverse menu.
  • Provides a unique twist to the traditional hot dog experience.

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Other attractions

The South Bank unfolds as a treasure trove of enchanting attractions, catering to visitors of all ages. For our youngest adventurers, “Bluey’s Big Play” comes to life in a delightful theatrical adaptation, bringing the playful Heelers from the smash-hit TV show into the real world. Meanwhile, “The House With Chicken Legs” promises a whimsical journey for young minds, featuring puppets, projection, and live music that weave a captivating tale. Dive into the glittering winter wonderland of “The Nutcracker,” where the festive classic is reimagined with immersive splendor, filling hearts with hope and humor. Embrace the holiday spirit with “Christmas Actually,” a festive variety show curated by the mastermind behind “Love Actually,” Richard Curtis. These are just glimpses of the magical experiences awaiting you on the South Bank, where each attraction adds a unique thread to the tapestry of joy and wonder. Note, that every year, there are different events and attractions at the Christmas Market, so what you’ll experience this year may be different next year. 

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In conclusion, the South Bank Winter Market offers a delightful blend of festive attractions that captivate visitors of all ages. The enchanting Winter Lights illuminating the tree create a magical ambiance, setting the stage for a memorable experience. The aroma of Dutch pancakes wafting through the air and the playful joy at Big Bluey’s Play cater to both culinary enthusiasts and families with children.

The countdown to the New Year for children adds an extra layer of excitement, creating lasting memories for the young ones. For those seeking warmth and cheer, mulled wine provides a comforting respite amid the winter chill. The diverse offerings at Circus Bar and Bar Under the Bridge contribute to the vibrant tapestry of entertainment, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

However, it is the allure of the markets that remains the main draw for visitors to South Bank during the Christmas season. The festive stalls, brimming with unique crafts, delectable treats, and holiday treasures, make the South Bank Winter Market an essential destination for those seeking the true spirit of Christmas in a lively and enchanting atmosphere.

While the South Bank Christmas Market is a festive gem along the iconic River Thames, those seeking a delightful yuletide experience across the city can explore the wonders of Leicester Square Christmas Market. Considered another enchanting holiday destination in London, Leicester Square boasts its own unique charm with a diverse array of stalls and seasonal delights. For a seamless transition from the South Bank festivities to the heart of Leicester Square, visitors can follow this internal link to discover more about the offerings, events, and festive atmosphere awaiting them: Leicester Square Christmas Market. Embrace the spirit of the season as you navigate from one magical Christmas market to another, each contributing its own chapter to London’s winter wonderland.

If you like to know more about South Bank and South Bank Christmas Market, check out their website for more details. Note that every year, there are different events, so make sure to check out their website.


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