8 Free Museums and Galleries Worth a Visit


The best thing about London are the free museums and galleries worth a visit. After your read this post, check my London on a budget post as there are more ideas on visiting London for free or spending less on attractions and travel.

Alternatively, you can read the London guide for first time visitors. There, you will find information on the British culture, how they use transport, visas, things no one tells you about London, areas to avoid and many more.

Without further ado, let’s begin talking about the free museums and galleries in London worth visiting. The government has made its mission to open the museums and galleries to the public for free to introduce diverse visitors. With more than 2 million visitors each year, the free museums below rely on the public to keep it open. They do this by asking for donations and selling merchandise.

Once you click on the photos, you will read tips, recommendations, nearby attractions, and how long to visit while you’re there.


8 Free Museums and Galleries in London
8 Free Museums and Galleries in London
Bust of Ramessess II, British Museum


The first museum that comes to mind when people come to London is the British Museum. This is the first place I think of when I want to visit museums and art galleries. The British Museum doesn’t just cover British artefacts, it covers the history of the world. Explore collections from the Americas, Africa, Europe, animals that have had a massive influence on our society, Egypt and so much more, it would be impossible to cover the whole museum in just one day. You probably have to dedicate three days in order to cover everything. Click on the picture to find out more on my experience and tips. Click here for the British Museum website.

Imperial War Museum


Imperial War Museums hosts five museums in one building. It tells a story of conflict and in the First World War in Britain. It covers the history of Britain and how the war affected our economy then and now. From learning about Winston Churchill, finding out about life on board a nuclear submarine in the Cold war to various exhibitions and showcasing art, photographs and women’s impact on the war, there’s surely thousands of British history of war you could immerse yourselves in. Click here for the Imperial War Museums website.


Whether you’re a science buff, want to become a scientist in the future or you ARE a scientist, then head over to the Science Museum. There are so many things to see and do that you have little time and day to visit everything. From visiting interactive gallery, visiting a collection of medicines from the past to the present, learning about codebreaking, silent discos and discover the science city between the 14th to the 17th Century, you’re bound to walk out with science knowledge in your head. Click here for the Science Museum website.

Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery


National Gallery and Portrait Gallery are situated right next to Trafalgar Square and it’s one of a must see gallery to visit. A few walks away from Charing Cross Station, the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery hosts thousands of paintings from all around Europe. From paintings of bathers in France, a woman standing at a virginal, a portrait of Madame Moitessier, sunflowers from Van Gogh, you’re sure to find something that interests your creative flair. Click here for the National Gallery and here for the Portrait Gallery website.



What comes to mind when you hear the word Victoria and Albert? Yes, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the most significant members of the royal family. London has dedicated a museum under their name and it’s for you to enjoy getting lost in it. Like the British Museum, the museum hosts 5000 years of art and design created by people throughout history. I haven’t had the chance to write my experience in the V&A’s yet because of COVID but in the meantime, click here for the V&A Museum website so you can plan ahead.


Whether you’re an insect lover or a dinosaur lover, there’s bound the be areas where you can see their fossils, descriptions on their history and several hours of fun and education in the Natural History Museum. Scientists, paentologists and archaeologists are still working tirelessly to dig more into the world of historical species. We look forward to find more species and animals to add to the collection. I haven’t had the chance to write a review on the Natural History Museum yet because of COVID, but once everything is safe to to do, I’ll surely write one. In the meantime, click here for the Natural History Museum website.



Situated in the heart of Southbank and overlooking the River Thames, Tate Modern Gallery was once a powerstation made into an art gallery. Like any other museums anf galleries, you have to spend at least three days in order to cover everything from floor to floor. Tate Modern consists of international modern and contemporary art through exhibitions and displays. From modern day paintings to photographs of events that shape our future as well as 3D contemporary art and videos on the South African apartheids, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. I’ve had the chance of visiting Tate Modern when I visited Southbank. You can click on “Things to do in Southbank” and read the Tate Modern section. Click here for the Tate Modern website.


When you visit London, there’s no point of coming here without knowing its history. When you visit the Museum of London, you’ll learn about what London was like in the prehistoric era. You will also learn about the Romans and the Medeivals that ruled us. Why not discover how the Victorians live in the 19th Century and how it impacted our present day society. You’ll find all this here in the Museum of London. Later on, when everything’s safe, there will be photographs of the people affected by the Corona virus, photos of the impact the virus had on the economy and photographs of empty streets of London. Meanwhile, click here for the Museum of London website.

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