When we think of the top 10 London attractions, we think of the most popular attractions people visit while they’re there. Each top attraction has  something unique in their characters. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the top 10 attractions. The first few attractions people think of are Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, the River Thames, Sealife, Madame Tussauds London Zoo, Hop on-Hop off, Harry Potter tour and the view from The Shard. Mind you, these aren’t my top picks by the way, these are top picks from visitors who have come to London and  enjoyed it. We look at visitor counts each year.                       

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Top 10 London Attractions
Top 10 London Attractions
Top 10 London Attractions


Buckingham Palace is the number one attraction that people think of when they come to London. Around 50 thousand people visit the palace each year. People from all over the world and other’s dream to visit the palace. Home to the British royal family and used for administrative businesses and state functions, Buckingham Palace has many reasons why we should visit it each year. Close to St. James’ Park, The Green Park and visiting the State Rooms every summer, not to mention a short walk away from Trafalgar Square and Horseguard Parade, no wonder it’s the most visited tourist attraction in London. Click on the picture to find out more of the State Rooms visit during summer. Click for several reasons why you should visit Buckingham Palace.


Sealife London is a great day out for the family and it’s in the top 10 London attractions. If you’re into marines, bugs, insects and turtles, then visit Sealife London while you’re here. Touch a live starfish, go through the arch under the big white sharks, visit the Amazon rainforest and learn and see beetles, spiders and fossils of piranhas. Why not see the penguins in the Polar Experience? Everything you’ve always wanted to see are here. Click the photo to read about what I got up to.


Meet A-List celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood with the likes of Marilyn Monrow, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hardy and many more. Meet A-List musicians with the likes of Britney, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Kanye West. Take photos with the British Royal Family and step into the world of Hollywood films. Meet the face of King Kong, E.T., Audrey Hepburn and many more.

Take a train ride and step back to 250 years of British history. Meet Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, hear children laughing as they go on the carousel ride and watch an animated 4D cinema where the 4 superheroes like Superman, Captain America, Spiderman and Batman try to save the world in London. Click on the photo to find out more about my experience.


Step back into British history, as far back as the 17th Century to the 19th Century. London was very bloody, gruesome and dirty. Heads being chopped off, imprisoned for no offenses at all and many more. Learn about Henry VIII and how he beheaded some of his wives for treason and adultery. Learn about the 1666 greaat fire of London which started in an old bakery. What about learning about the life of Sweeney Todd.and his so called partner Mrs. Lovett. A barber who dropped his victims into the basement and cut their body parts and made them into pies. You can visit Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop and could become her victim too. Enjoy the drop where British prisoners were dropped to their death after their release. Whatever British history you want to hear about, check out London Dungeon. Click on the picture to find out more of what I got up to.


London Zoo has been one of the most visited tourist attractions in London. With nearly 2 million visitors a year, they can enjoy visiting some of the big 5 cats, giraffes, marine mammals and insects, gorrilas, penguins, goats, pelicans and many more. Yes, maybe what I’ve written here is what you’d expect from a zoo but what’s so special about this zoo is that it’s situated in Regent’s Park and across the road, you’d find Madame Tussauds, another top 10 tourist attraction to visit. This place is good for families with young kids as well as nature and animal lovers. 


The Hop On Hop Off Tour takes you around London in a day. This is ideal if you only have three days or less to spend in London. I recommend you to take Golden Tours on your first day to get a feel of what you want to cover. The Golden Tours is the best one in London. Golden Tours is great because the Hop on Hop off bus takes you to London within 24 hours and you get 24 hours complimentary. You also get a walking tour around London too. There are four routes you can take. Click here for more information on the routes.

With Golden Tours, you will also get a complimentary Cruise Tour on the River Thames looking at the main sights of London. Walking tours are also available which includes The Changing of the Guards and The Beatles Walking Tour.


The London Eye opened a day before the 2000 millennium, 31 December 1999 to be exact by Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister then. It was to celebrate the start of the new millennium. There are several attractions you can see from the top of the wheel including Big Ben, River Thames, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and so much more. There are 32 capsules and takes 30 minutes to go round. It is also the main area where New Year’s Eve’s fireworks happen, just before the clock strikes midnight. Click on the picture to find out more of what I got up to.


The best thing about visiting London is the package deals you can take advantage of. For two attractions it would be £45 and you would be saving £20 for individual tickets. Madame Tussaud takes around 2 hours to visit and London Eye takes half an hour to to go round so spare at least 3 hours for the package. Madame Tussaud is not in the London Eye area so I suggest going on the London Eye first and take time in Madame Tussauds last.



Step into the world of Harry Potter. Remember Harry’s first few years at Hogwarts? Well, you can see all the adventures he went to in this studio tour. The Tour lasts 3 -4 hours but you can stay there as long as you wish. Make sure you arrive 20 minutes before your booking time for security. It’s recommended to leave in the morning and your first to do list for that day. By 1 pm, you would have finished the tour. The Harry Potter Studio is situated in Leavesden and there’s many tours you can take depending on where you’re staying. Yes, you can also take the train from King’s Cross Station near Platform 9 3/4. Check out the Harry Potter merchandise store and take photos with your trolley and Hedwig going to Hogwarts. You have to pay to take a photo though and the queue can be long. It’s not free. Your highlight include The Great Hall (although not as big as you see in the movies), The Hogwarts Express train, spend your time practicing your wand waving, go on a broomstick ride around London in front of a big screen, see the Womping Willow, Privet Drive, taste Butterbeer, explore the Forbidden Forest, take a sneak peak of Ron Weasley’s house, you’ll see the knitters knitting itself, the great vault to Harry’s Gringotts, the Nightbus and Diagon Alley. So there’s so many things to see, you’ll want to go back the second time.


Built in 1066, Westminster Abbey has been visited by more than a milion visitors each year. You will learn about British history and the burials and memorials of British kings, queens, poets, scientists and writers. You will also be given an audio guide with more than ten languages. Just click on the numbers on the audio guide to find out more about the history and story about that burial, memorial or object. Click on the picture to find out more of what I got up to. Find out about the Abbey on their website here. 


Discover the Crown Jewels, meet the Ravens, join the Guided Yeoman Warden Tour, explore 1000 years of British history, visit The White Tower and the areas where they beheaded kings, queens and prisoners for hundreds of years. Located in the banks of the River Thames and founded in 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest of England, the Tower of London is what shapes London today. Bloody stories lie behind the walls. Read more about secrets of the Tower. 

The Tower had also been treated unfairly by wealthy, powerful people while inflicting harm upon the rest of London.

Founded in 1066 as part of the Norman Conquest of England, the Tower of London is also near major attractions. Tower Bridge, The Shard, River Thames, a few minutes’ walk to the Southbank, a few miles to London Bridge Station and Borough Market. It was also used as a prison from 1100 for the Norman Bishop Ranulf Flambard but its purpose was to serve as a Royal residence.

This guide will cover the secrets inside The Tower of London, general information about the nearby attractions, how long to spend in the Tower, tips and useful information. Click on the photo to find out more about the Tower of London.

Top 10 London Attractions
Top 10 London Attractions
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