How to make the most of Holland Park Gardens in London


When you’re visiting Holland Park, make sure you go there after a busy day shopping in Portobello Market, Oxford Street, or Westfield Shopping Centre. It’s a great place to relax. Take your time there, and make sure you visit Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, two of the eight royal parks of London.

What makes Holland Park special is the three Holland Park Gardens worth visiting. Like any other park, Holland Park is free but it’s not one of the 8 royal parks in London, and the Kyoto Garden is free. Kyoto Garden, Fukushima Garden, and the Dutch Garden are three small gardens inside Holland Park.

Introduction to Holland Park Gardens


Holland Park gardens are one of the quietest and serene gardens anyone could ever visit. You have the Kyoto Garden, Dutch Garden, and Fukushima Memorial Garden. These gardens are great for people watching, walks with your dogs and your friends, jog, admiring the 19th Century buildings and houses nearby, and getting away from the busy streets around London. You would often hear the birds chirping while you watch squirrels jump from one tree to another.

As you approach a giant tall, stoned fence that says “Holland Park”, the small gate leading to the park will lead you to a “Garden of Eden-like” path. You’ll see benches and smooth cut bushes with colourful flowers. As you go through the park, you’ll see muddy paths and dead leaves scattered, but don’t let that put you off because that’s what makes the park natural.  Walk further in and you’ll see different paths leading to different areas of the park. A signpost will tell you to go to Kyoto Garden, the Children’s Adventure Playground, and many others, and you’ll see other tall ash and oak trees, it’s as if you’ve stepped inside a large woodland forest.

Holland Park Garden: Kyoto Garden


Kyoto Garden opened in 1991, a gift from the city of Kyoto to Great Britain to honour the good relationship between Japan and the UK. Ever since then, it has been a tourist attraction and a public place for the community to enjoy.

I’m incredibly surprised that the Kyoto Japanese Garden Holland Park was quite small because the photos on the internet made it look big, however, it’s still beautiful and peaceful. I was in nature and it felt serene. Birds chirping, and a lonely duck swam in the lake with a large orange koi fish as its friend.

The website said that you’d feel like you’re in a Japanese garden, but I didn’t feel it, because I’ve seen many gardens like this around England.  As I approached the waterfall, there were several stoned steps, it’s quite easy to fall into the lake. Be careful! You’ll hear the creasing noise of a waterfall that flows to the lake. A duck swims alone with a koi fish as his friend. Be careful not to fall in, the pathway is quite narrow.

Fukushima Garden


Going down the stony pebbled steps towards the Fukushima Garden, adjacent to the Kyoto Japanese Garden, you’ll approach two peacocks roaming around. Feel free to take a seat on the benches, take in your surroundings and watch the peacocks walk around you. The Fukushima Garden is half the size of Kyoto Garden with only two patches of bushes and plants, but still beautiful. Seeing these magnificent creatures are a blessing, since I’ve never come close to one peacock before. Now I’ve seen 3.

Dutch Garden


The Dutch Garden is also peaceful, it’s larger and as beautiful as the Kyoto Japanese Garden and Fukushima Garden. You’ll find several people sitting on the row of benches, and in the middle, there are geometric hedges cut neatly as well as plenty of flowerbeds to admire. It seems all your problems just goes away when you’re there.

Further in, a circular iron ornament stands in the middle of the garden, and a fountain can be found where people throw coins. The best thing about this area is the 19th Century archway, roots grew and circled the pillars as well as paintings of Victorian men and women with their bonnets and top hats on, who used to spend their time in this park. Spend around 10 minutes here.



Enjoy the zen waterfall in Kyoto Garden.

Annisa’s Advice


Make the most out of Holland Park, not just the gardens. The three gardens are a part of Holland Park, and there are other areas of Holland Park you can visit. The Children’s Adventure Playground, The Ecological Centre, and the Belvedere Restaurant. The Belvedere Restaurant is an upper-class restaurant you can take advantage of. Many people use this as a conference hall or a wedding reception. Come in spring and summer, outside Belvedere Restaurant, you’ll see many flowers and leaves bloom. Visiting Holland Park will be the most memorable experience of your trip to London.


Nearby Attractions


Holland Park is just a 23-minute walk to and from Portobello Road Markets, and 12 minutes by bus on the 295. You can shop in Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush before or after visiting Holland Park. Alternatively, if you’re coming from Marble Arch near Oxford Street, take the tube to Holland Park within 16 minutes on the Central Line.

Westfield Shopping Centre can be busy and claustrophobic, just like Oxford Street and Regent Street, but Westfield Shopping Centre has many designers and high street shops, as well as many high-end restaurants and coffee shops. There are also a few hotels such as Hilton London Kensington, Ibis Hotel Shepherd’s Bush, and K West Hotel and Spa.



Several Holland Park gardens has been one of my favourite visits in London. Although Holland Park is quite big and is adjacent to Kensington Gardens and close to Portobello Market, the gardens are quite small. It does make the other parks in London look simple. I wouldn’t mind coming back again. When I’m out shopping in Oxford Street and Regent Street, I tend to visit the several Holland Park gardens to relax.

Kyoto Japanese Garden is so serene, peaceful, and quiet. I also love the peacocks hanging around in Fukushima Garden because you rarely see peacocks in the middle of the city, especially in Central London.

Aside from Kyoto Japanese Garden and Fukushima Garden, the archway in Dutch Garden and the waterfall are what stood out the most for me. Don’t take Holland Park for granted because it’s huge and it’s the best place to get away from the busy city life.

Enjoy, take care and be safe!


Admire the archway and the enjoy the quiet atmosphere in the Dutch Garden

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