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It seems people are still walking up and down the busy Tower Bridge in the dark at 8 o’clock in the evening. The giant iconic blue bridge and the 954-year-old Tower of London start to illuminate at night. Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant is exactly opposite the bright Tower of London.

Walking down a pitched dark path on the outskirts of Tower of London, garden lamps could be found on both sides of the pathway. It is the only thing that guides you to the strip of the River Thames which leads to Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant. You could walk on the pavement connecting to Tower Bridge but walking down a dark pathway, on the outskirts of Tower of London is so much more interesting.

If you enjoy a quiet evening and enjoy a cool breeze hitting your face, then walk by the strip of the River Thames. You can walk from London Bridge and see views of The Shard, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, The Shakespeare Theatre (Globe Theatre), St. Paul’s Cathedral and rows of restaurants you can try out in the evening.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge restaurant serves general European/Italian dishes including pizza, pasta, salad, wines, and cocktails. On the website it says they provide an undisturbed working environment but during dinner it was super busy. Maybe during the afternoon, it is quiet. Better check it out during the day.

This post will cover reviews on the igloos, the atmosphere, the price, the location, the service, the bar and of course, the food.

Opened in 2016 in London, Coppa Club has been a popular visit for locals and tourists and it has been a top recommendation from travel articles around London.

My experience

After so much hype with Coppa Club, great reviews, and the new kid on the block, not to mention it’s been promoted throughout the internet and London travel magazines, Coppa Club Restaurant Tower Bridge seems to be overrated. The igloo is the most popular thing and it’s difficult to get a reservation. You’d have to wait months for it, especially Christmas.

The igloos are great to take for Social Media and Instagrammers but Coppa Club Restaurant is just like any other restaurant in London. It’s nothing special. It will wear down in a few year’s time until another restaurant on the block is introduced. 

Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant


The location in Coppa Club Tower Bridge


Twinkling lights sparkled in the water from the office buildings by the River Thames. The tallest building in Europe, The Shard is also visible. The smell of fresh air in the middle of Winter fills the air in a clear beautiful night in Central London.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant is located by the River Thames, opposite The Shard. 5 clear igloos, surrounded by green plants, sits overlooking the River Thames and they looked even better and larger in the naked eye than in photos.


The tower you see in the background is The Shard and behind the igloo is the River Thames.

Seating areas could be found inside the igloos and blankets are provided when the weather gets a little bit cold. It looked cosy and warm. 

Are Coppa Club igloos heated?

Yes they are heaters but I’ve noticed a few people still wearing their jackets when they had heaters on. I wanted to take photos inside the plastic igloo. The view of Tower Bridge looked blurry and felt a little cold.

When I went back outside, Tower Bridge and Tower of London lights up beautifully at night. The view is better outside of the igloo than inside. It’s also worth taking pictures and strolling around the River Thames in the dark.

There are also major hotels such as Doubletree by Hilton by Tower Hill tube station and The Tower Hotel nestled by the River Thames and Tower Bridge. If you are staying in any hotels near this area, a few minutes will take you to the restaurant. Alternatively, take the tube to Tower Hill on the District and Circle lines and cross the road towards Tower of London. The restaurant will be right next to it. The location is 10 out of 10.

How do you get to Tower Bridge from Coppa Club Restaurant?

It’s around 20 minutes walk from the restaurant to Tower Bridge. There’s no point taking the bus or train. Enjoy the scenery by the Thames or night.

 Nearest tube to Coppa Club Restaurant is Tower Hill on teh Circle and District Line (Green and Yellow Line). Once you see Tower of London (you can’t miss it), cross the road, walk until you reach the River Thames, Coppa Club Restaurant is to your right.


The atmosphere of Coppa Club Tower Bridge

Waiters and security officers dashed around to make sure everyone was seated. It is a sign the restaurant is busy. Around 10 people stood at the door by the reception waiting to be escorted to their seats. The receptionist looked worn out and tired.

The dark surrounding area of the restaurant and bar is already crammed with people, a contrast to the many intimate restaurants you would find around London. People spoke loudly, and the background music boomed around the restaurant. The sounds of the crowds and music felt like people cheering at a concert. That is how busy it was. I, on the other hand, had to shout to my friend while we had our meal.

You could see the chefs cooking in the kitchen at the back. Hearing the sizzling of their frying pan made my mouth water already. I couldn’t smell any food being cooked from the entrance, but I could imagine when people walk past, they could smell the aroma from the kitchen.


I opted for the Coppa Club Hot pizza and sweet rose with grapefruit aromas. This is great with seafood and tapas.

The view of Tower Bridge inside the igloo

The service at Coppa Club Tower Bridge

How do you book a Coppa Club igloo?

Booking online for an igloo is nearly close to impossible. There were spaces available during the week, but weekends were all fully booked. It is very disappointing since it takes more than 3 months to find an available space in the igloo in the evening, during the weekend. The only alternative is to book a table in the restaurant or by phone (if you’re lucky). 

Arriving late, the waitresses were able to accommodate us still, despite the busy atmosphere. I didn’t mind sitting in the restaurant, it was just as nice, probably even better. We were given a table next to the door. I was a little bit worried that it might get cold from people entering and leaving but I did not feel it. We were satisfied with the table.

As we sat down, they asked us if we had any food allergies. I am allergic to prawns and she stated several dishes to avoid. It was thoughtful and professional of her to ask. The table service is 10 out of 10 and the food came on time despite the fact it was busy. Around twenty minutes, it was already on the table.

On the right side of the restaurant is the lobby area. Here is where you can socialise, relax, drink and work on your laptop. Like the restaurant, in the evening, it is always crowded with people but the great thing about it is you do not have to book this area. It is first come first serve. You will be lucky to get a table in the evening. The service is 10 out of 10.


The bar in Coppa Club Tower Bridge

I can see the bar lit up in the middle of a dark lit restaurant. Silhouettes of people sat on the bar stools and the queue to order drinks can be long. I never went to the bar and pointless to order drinks from the bar since it was already full of people. It was better to order them with your meals. From looking at the menu, they had a great selection of drinks.

The food and the wine


The large 12-inch thin crust pizza, The Coppa Club Hot consisted of spicy salami, nduja, tomato and mozzarella. Nduja is a salami spread made from Italy which gives it that hot flavour. However, having been to many Italian restaurants around London, the taste and smell was just like any other pizzas in town. If you’ve eaten pizza before, the Coppa Club Hot is nothing different. It’s still delicious in my opinion.


The Monte Vista Suavignon Blac Rose from Chile gave it that citrus fruit aroma. My love for fruity Rose drew me to opt for Sauvignon Blanc Rose and compared to the Roses I’ve tasted in the past; I can taste the ripe and strong fruity flavour in the blend. It’s 10 out of 10 for the Rose.

The price

The price for two people were £50 including a bottle of sweet Rose for £22. It was worth the money for the quality of the dishes served to us. I wouldn’t visit regularly but I would come again for the service and the igloo next time.


The Igloos

The igloos are what attracts visitors to come to the restaurant. I had a chance to take pictures in the igloo before the next set of people arrived for their booking. Inside the igloo, you can see the view of Tower Bridge and the River Thames but was quite blurred as I thought there made of glass, it was more of plastic than anything else. It is still nice sitting and looking over the River Thames and Tower Bridge though.

Although it may be more intimate than the restaurant, the restaurant had a better atmosphere. In several of the igloos, you would be sharing seats with two other sets of strangers so I feel  you won’t get any privacy and feel they would eavesdrop on your conversations. For private dining in the igloo, the minimum head is a table of 8 people, otherwise, bookings for 2 or 3 people, you’d have to share igloos unfortunately.

Heating and blankets are also provided inside the igloo since it can feel a bit cold.




Coppa Club Tower Bridge is in the middle-class scale considering its location in Tower Bridge and Tower Hill. The service was outstanding, and we got what we paid for since £50 – £60 is an average price restaurants charge around London.

I saw this place from Time Out magazine where you can find a few things to do during the week around London. It was a recommendation from them, and it was time to check out the place. Check out Time Out magazine for the latest recommendations on attractions and other things to do around London.

The restaurant advertised itself very well in several major London articles. First impression is great if you love a vibrant and busy atmosphere. However, because it’s so popular, you’d have to book the igloo in advance and check back often to see when there are seats available. The best thing about it is that it’s located near the River Thames, Tower of London, The Shard and Tower Bridge. It’s also not far from the strip of the Southbank area. Click here for more information on Southbank.

The environment in the restaurant is just as good as the environment in the igloos. The atmosphere in the restaurant is 9 out of 10 as you would have to shout when having a conversation, but you’d have to share with 2 other sets of strangers sitting in the igloos.


For a large thin crust pizza and a bottle of Rose, it did fill me up and, regardless of the price, I enjoyed my time at Coppa Club Tower Bridge. I would not visit regularly though but if you like a loud, busy, and vibrant evening, then Coppa Club Tower Bridge is for you.

So, out of all the restaurants mentioned, if you do want to go for the high-end choice with a view of several major tourist attractions, I recommend Coppa Club Tower Bridge. The service and atmosphere in the restaurant were as it’s promised on the website and the price was worth the money. 

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 So, how do you feel about sitting in a busy and loud restaurant? If you like an intimate atmosphere, would you visit still considering the great reviews? Post your comments below.

Take care!!!

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