4 of the Best Restaurants in London you MUST visit


Do you find it confusing to find restaurants in London to try? There are so many places to eat, street food from every corner, different areas to visit, and different cultures to feel when trying out food from around the world. 5-star Michelin restaurants, from Gordon Ramsay to simple traditional English cafes to peaceful coffee shops in every corner, you’re spoilt for choice. I will be adding more choices in this post as I go along and experience different types of food in due course. In the meantime, below are the best restaurants to try in London.


Vapiano Tower Bridge Restaurant


Vapiano Tower Bridge Restaurant


If you’re looking for an Italian restaurant, Vapiano Tower Bridge is a must to visit. There are three Vapiano’s in around London to try, but the best thing about Vapiano Tower Bridge is its location. Vapiano Tower Bridge is located a few minutes’ walk between London Bridge Station and Tower. The best thing about it is that once you finished eating, (I recommend during the evening) stroll through Queen’s Walk, and you’ll see shadows of people sitting on the grass chatting amongst themselves while admiring the illuminating giant Tower Bridge and Tower of London on the other side of River Thames. People usually take photos in front of Tower Bridge and River Thames at night.

Vapiano Tower Bridge is welcoming, bright and comfortable, not to mention the fact that I can’t fault the service. It’s second to none. As for the selection of dishes, you can choose up to 8 types of pasta and the chefs cook in front of you. The price is a standard London price for a restaurant in the city ranging from £13 – £20 a meal. Yes, it’s expensive for some, so if you’re coming to London on a budget, stay away from average to high end restaurants. Find out more about Vapiano Tower Bridge.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant


Coppa Club Tower Bridge Restaurant


Not far from Vapiano Tower Bridge is Coppa Club Tower Bridge. Situated next to the Tower of London and overlooking the River Thames, Coppa Club Tower Bridge is an Instagram-worthy igloo restaurant. Coppa Club Tower Bridge is so popular and busy that you’d have to reserve the igloo areas 3 months or more in advance. You’ll be lucky to book an igloo seating next week.

Coppa Club Tower Bridge serves general European/Italian dishes, and like Vapiano Tower Bridge, the price can be in the mid-range of around £20+. This is a standard London price, but if you love crowds, noise, and vibrancy, then Coppa Club Tower Bridge is a must to visit.

Although it gets busy with people, it has excellent service and they’ll also accommodate you if you’re running a little late. Check out my experience eating in Coppa Club Tower Bridge.

Basil and Grape Restaurant


Basil and Grape Restaurant


Basil and Grape is another Italian restaurant to try, and it’s located just outside Central London, Croydon to be exact. Croydon is situated in Greater London, and it’s only a half an hour train ride from London Bridge Station or Victoria Station. Once you arrive at East Croydon Station, a 10-minute walk will take you to Basil and Grape.

Basil and Grape’s atmosphere can be intimate but small and tightly spaced. The level of service is also second to none. The restaurant doesn’t have a kitchen, instead bake their pizzas and bruschetta in the oven at the back, cooked by the waiters. Aside from bruschetta and pizza, the restaurant offers a selection of Italian cheese boards, grapes, and fine wine to add to your meal. Find out more about Basil and Grape Restaurant.


Joanna’s Crystal Palace


Joanna’s Crystal Palace Restaurant is, yep, you guessed it, situated in Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace is located in Southeast London and has great connections to Greenwich and Canary Wharf. You can also see the view of Canary Wharf at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, I have no photos of Joanna’s Restaurant in Crystal Palace, but I have been there several times.

Joanna’s Crystal Palace is a fine dining restaurant and although it can be extremely busy during Christmas and weekends, fine dining is what it says on the tin. From octopus and bresaola as starters, to mouth-watering steaks as well as cods as mains, the quality of the food matches the high-end price. You get what you paid for…and they also do full English breakfast every weekend too.

The atmosphere has a vintage American 1970s feel to it. The bar also serves Cocktail of the Day and signature cocktails recommended by the bartenders. Check out their Facebook page for more info. The food you see on their website and Facebook is the same quality as you see in real life. You won’t be disappointed.

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