3 days in London Itinerary
3 days in London Itinerary



3 Days in London Itinerary

How can something so small be such a big part of everyone’s lives? How can something so small have more than millions of visitors every year? It’s true what they say “good things come in small packages”. London has everything wrapped in a tiny box for people to open. This 3 Days in London itinerary, it will include how long to visit each attraction and whether The London Pass is worth it for 3 days.

It’s impossible to visit everything in London in 3 days because visiting one attraction takes at least 1 hour. 3 hours the most like The Tower of London. In 3 days, there are plenty to see if you visit the major attractions. If you apply for the London Pass, you can save money, especially if you buy a Travel Oyster Card with it. You’ll be saving a lot on travel too.


Whether it’s your first time or fifth time in London, be sure to visit my London Guide here. London’s social and economical climate changes everyday so if there are new updates on the news or online. I will be sure the guide will be updated.

Can you see London in 3 days?


3 days is enough to visit all the main attractions. All the major attractions get really busy during the day so every website will advise to get to all the attractions as early as possible. Just  prioritise what you want to see and do first.


If you don’t want to spend money to go inside all the attractions, visit my Free Attractions Guide.


Alternatively, spend some time in visitng free museums and galleries such as the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum and many others. Visit my Museums and Galleries guide for information on free museums and galleries.

If you want to save, my tip is to visit 2 attractions each day and spend more time exploring other areas of London. Most attractions lasts about 1 – 2 hours. If you visit 2 attractions, that’s roughly 4 hours of your day gone. For example, I spent 3 hours walking in the grounds of Tower of London. By the time you finish, it will be lunchtime, which you’d have to spare 1 hour for. If you want to do that, that’s fine but after lunch, take some time taking photos of other famous attractions or relax in the parks. 

Find out whether paying for one or two tickets are worth it than buying a London Pass here. The website normally tells you how much each individual attraction costs. It depends on how much time you have and how many attractions you want to pay and visit.

The attractions mentioned below are recommended time to visit and it’s for you to use it as a guide. 

Is The London Pass worth it for 3 days?


Considering the fact that it take between 1 – 2 hours to visit attractions inside, the London Pass is worth it. This is what the itinerary is for. 

It may be cheaper to get 2 for 1 promotions going inside 2 attractions each day and buying your Oyster Cards separately. Note that 2 for 1 deals aren’t always availble at every attraction. 2 for 1 deals are available if you buy a National Rail train ticket at major stations. It’s also not ideal for people who are on a budget since entry tickets can be expensive.

You can tweak the itinerary a bit to personalise your holiday. I suggest cutting and pasting this guide into your Excel sheet and create a specific itinerary guide for yourself.

I will make an itinerary for a self-guided tour. An itinerary with a private tour and a London Pass. I will tell you how long each one takes. (For 1 day in London, 2 days in London, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days and 7 days etc.)

For more information on a London Guide, visit the travel review website Tripadvisor here.

Visit my London Guide for First Time Visitors.

So, “What can I do in London in 3 days?”


3 days in London: Day 1 of 3

Time to take in
Attraction name
9 – 10 am Stroll through St. James’ Park
10 – 11 am Hang around in Buckingham
Palace for the Changing of the
11 – 12 pm

Horse Guard Parade is next to St. James’ Park.

Watch the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace or Horseguard Parade.

12 – 2 pm Visit Kensington Garden
and Kensington Palace 
1 – 2 pm, 2 – 3 pm Spare 1 hour for lunch
3 – 3:30 pm Take photos of Prince Albert Memorial
and Royal Albert Hall
3:30 – 4:30 pm Explore Portobello Market

4 – 8 pm

Eating and shopping

Spare an hour for dinner

Visit Oxford Street
Visit Regent Street (Hamleys toy shop)
Vist Tottenham Court Road
Visit Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square
Visit Trafalgar Square
Visit Shaftesbury Avenue – theatre district
Visit Chinatown
Visit Covent Garden


7 – 8 pm Visit Soho for dinner if you wish.
8 – 9 pm London Bridge area
Take pictures of Tower of London and Tower
Bridge at night
Take pictures of HMS Belfast
9 – midnight Party in Soho


3 days in London: Day 2 of 3

Time to take in attraction Attraction name
9 – 10 am Hang around in the Southbank area. Buy discount tickets for more than 2 attractions in either Sealife, London Dungeon and London Eye.
10 – 11 pm London Eye
11 – 12 pm London Dungeon
12 – 1 pm Lunch
1 – 2 pm

Sealife (great for children)

Take photos of the Globe Theatre. The Tate Modern is in the Southbank too. If you wish to go inside spare an hour here or save it for the next day.
2 – 4 pm

Take the Tower of London Tour (recommended to take the Wardour Tour where you will hear stories of imprisonments, kings, queens and prisoners being beheaded).

You can relax here for a bit or if you have time visit the HMS Warship Museum.

4 – 5 pm

HMS Warship Museum. Relax for an hour if you wish.

6 – 7 pm Have dinner near the Southbank. Coppa Club Tower Bridge or The Shard if your budget can afford it. (The Shard can be really expensive).
7 – 10 pm Stroll around Southbank at night.


3 days in London: Day 3 of 3

I suggest visiting museums on your last day. Read my free museums and galleries post here.

I usually don’t spend more than 2 hours in a museum because it gets tiring after an hour. 

Time to take in attraction The Southbank area
10 – 11 am The British Museum
11 – 12 am Victoria and Albert Museum
12 – 1 pm Lunch
1 – 2 pm The Natural History Museum
2 – 3 pm Science Museum
3 – 4 pm Take photos of the Royal Albert Hall
4  – 6 pm Take time in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park
6 – 7 pm Visit Knightsbridge for late night shopping, Harrods and Harvey Nichols
7 – 8 pm Dinner


Well, that’s it. If you have any questions about the attractions above, please email me. 


3 days in London Itinerary
3 days in London Itinerary
3 days in London Itinerary
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