For a small island like London, everywhere you look, there’s always something to do in a limited amount of time. This is because there’s so many attractions that are so close together. That’s all fine but with the majority of them, you will have to spend at least an hour to relax and explore. Believe me, I’ve been here since 1991. I hadn’t realised it before but since starting my blog, I’ve come to realise London has so much to offer; its history, its culture, its multi-culturism and its language. As the HSBC commercial says:

How can something so small be such a big part of everyone’s lives?

So, in order to make the most out of London, I have made an itinerary: 2 days in London post. Let’s get going.

The attractions mentioned below are recommended time to visit and it’s for you to use it as a guide. If you want to spend more time in a particular attraction be my guest. Be aware you might have to spend less time in another attraction or skip one or some altogether. Between attractions spare 1 hour for lunch and buy The London Pass.

You can the itinerary a little bit to personalise your holiday by telling you how long each attraction takes. I will make an itinerary for a self-guided tour. An itinerary with a private tour and a London Pass. I will tell you how long each one takes. (For 1 day in London, 2 days in London, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days and 7 days etc).

2 days in London: Day 1 of 2

Time to take in
Attraction name
9 – 10 am Stroll through St. James’ Park
10 – 11 am Hang around in Buckingham
Palace for the Changing of the
11 – 12 pm Watch the Changing of the
Guards at Buckingham Palace
12 – 2 pm Visit Kensington Garden
and Kensington Palace
1 – 2 pm, 2 – 3 pm Spare 1 hour for lunch
3 – 3:30 pm Take photos of Prince Albert Memorial
and Royal Albert Hall
3:30 – 4:30 pm Go shopping in Oxford Street or
Portobello Market
4 – 8 pm

Eating and shopping

Spare an hour for dinner
Visit Regent Street (Hamleys is here)
Vist Tottenham Court Road
Visit Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square
Visit Trafalgar Square
Visit Shaftesbury Avenue – theatre district
Visit Chinatown
Visit Covent Garden
7 – 8 pm Visit Soho
8 – 9 pm London Bridge area
Take pictures of Tower of London and Tower
Bridge at night
Take pictures of HMS Belfast
9 – midnight Party in Soho

2 days in London: Day 2 of 2

Time to take in attraction Attraction name
9 – 12 pm Visit the Tower of London and
do the Wardour Tour
50 minutes
12 – 1 pm Tower Bridge tour
1 – 2 pm Lunch
(recommend Borough Market)
2 – 3 pm HMS Belfast warship tour
3 – 8:30 pm Visit various museums
3 – 4 pm National Gallery
Portrait Gallery
4 – 5 pm National History Museum
5 – 6 pm Victoria and Albert Museum
6 – 8:30 pm British Museum
8:30 – 10 pm Stroll Southbank at night

Other attractions worth visiting2 days in London

If you only have two days in London, there are other attractions in the Southbank area that are worth visiting too but you may have to substitute some attractions above for some attractions below.

Time to take in attraction The Southbank area
9 – 10 am The London Eye
10 – 11 am Sealife
11 – 12 am Madame Tussaud
12 – 1 pm London Dungeon
1 – 2 pm London Zoo

Well, that’s it. If you have any questions about the attractions above, please email me. If you decide to visit London and you have landed at the airport, I will visit you and do a personal itinerary for you so your holiday will be as smooth as possible.

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