How to conquer London in 2 Days: Ultimate Itinerary Unveiled!

2 Days in London Itinerary How to spend 2 days in London

Embark on a seamless exploration of London’s heart with our 2-day itinerary and the versatile London Pass. Our tailored guide ensures efficient discovery of iconic attractions and hidden gems, maximizing your time in the bustling metropolis. With the London Pass granting access to a myriad of cultural, historical, and entertaining sites, our carefully curated itinerary promises an unforgettable journey through the vibrant tapestry of London’s past and present. Explore landmarks, museums, and neighborhoods over two days with the London Pass, unlocking the city’s treasures. This post offers insights into experiencing London in 2 days with the London Pass, a convenient way to explore all that the city has to offer, maximizing your experience while saving time and money with the Hop on Hop Off bus.

Is the London Pass worth it for 2 days in London?

It depends on your travel plans and budget. The London Pass offers access to over 80 attractions and discounts on dining and shopping. This can be beneficial if you plan on visiting many attractions and doing a lot of sightseeing during your stay. However, if you only plan on visiting more than 3 attractions a day, it may not be worth the cost. It is recommended to do some research and compare the cost of individual tickets to the cost of the London Pass before making a decision, but be aware that not all attractions are included in the Go City – London Pass.

Unlock London’s iconic attractions hassle-free with the optimized 2-day itinerary using the London Pass for a seamless travel experience.

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Day 1 of the 2-Day London Itinerary: The Royal Mews, Hop on Hop off Bus, and the Queen’s Gallery

Row of iconic red British guards during Changing of the Guards outside Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the Guards in Buckingham Palace

Incorporate the iconic Changing of the Guard ceremony into your meticulously planned 2-day London itinerary to experience this quintessential royal tradition. Taking place at both Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade, the ceremony symbolizes British pomp with precision and grandeur. The Guards’ red tunics and bearskin hats create a striking visual display, attracting throngs of spectators daily. At Buckingham Palace, the event unfolds with military precision against the backdrop of the Queen’s official residence, while at Horse Guards Parade, the Household Cavalry puts on an equally impressive display. This symbolic tradition typically occurs in the mornings, drawing visitors worldwide and adding a regal touch to any London itinerary. The Changing of the Guards lasts about 1 hour, starting promptly at 11 am. Aim to arrive by 10 am for a good spot, as it can get busy. Click here to find out the next schedule for the Changing of the Guards in Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Mews

Located in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, the Royal Mews is a working stable and carriage house open to the public. During the tour, which typically lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, visitors can explore historic carriages and coaches, including the famous Gold State Coach. Additionally, they can view luxurious state cars, modern motor vehicles, and the working stables while learning about the care of the horses and the history of the Royal Mews. This tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the pageantry and traditions of the British monarchy.

The Queen’s Gallery

With your London Pass, explore the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, showcasing art and history, including Georgian and Tudor paintings. Located at Buckingham Palace, this gallery houses an impressive collection of art and artifacts from the royal collection. Visitors can admire paintings from the Georgian and Tudor eras, showcasing the opulence and grandeur of these periods. Additionally, the gallery features a unique exhibition on 18th-century children’s fashion, offering insight into the lives of young royals. Furthermore, it showcases art, history, and narratives of England and its monarchs throughout the ages. Gain a deeper understanding of the royal collection’s cultural and historical significance, experiencing a unique blend of art, history, and storytelling at the Queen’s Gallery.

5 Restaurants to Try in the West End on Your 2 Day London Itinerary

Vibrant Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus in London

Hop on Hop Off

Discover London with the Hop on Hop Off Tour Bus using the London Pass, ideal for first-time visitors. Start early to explore key attractions. The London Pass includes access to the Hop on Hop Off bus tour from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Enjoy guided tours covering landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Choose between operators like Golden Tours and Big Bus Tours for flexibility. Explore at your pace and visit the attractions you desire. For more information, visit our website.

Where to eat near Leicester Square

The Hop on Hop off buses stop at West End, including Leicester Square, ideal for dining and exploring nearby. Additionally, many eateries surround Leicester Square, such as fast food establishments like McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC. Moreover, Soho and Chinatown are just a doorstep away, offering a variety of dining options. While in Chinatown, admire the Chinese Gates next to the M&M’s Store, and consider trying Oriental dishes at 4 Seasons or C&R, hidden in a small alleyway. However, be aware that Chinatown eateries can be crowded and noisy, with limited seating, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s advisable to book in advance, particularly during the Chinese New Year when Saturdays might not have available tables.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden

Restaurants, cafes and pubs in Covent Garden

London offers diverse dining options, ranging from fast food to high-end restaurants, ensuring plentiful dinner choices for all tastes. By 3 pm – 4pm, it’s time to relax and put your feet up in Covent Garden.

For fast food, Shake Shack offers burgers, chips, and drinks for around £12. The White Lion, Nag’s Head, and The Lamb and Flag serve classic British dishes like fish and chips for £12-15. Tesco and Sainsbury’s provide £4 meal deals with a choice of drink, sandwich, and crisps or chocolate bar. For steaks and European cuisine, including vegetarian options, consider Steak and Co. and Flat Iron, though Flat Iron can get busy, so it’s recommended to make a reservation. Prices range from £10 to £15+. For a more upscale experience, consider The Savoy, Whittard of Chelsea, or a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-themed afternoon tea in Covent Garden.

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

Enhance London exploration with Golden Tours hop-on-hop-off bus; stop at Covent Garden for London Transport Museum visit. The London Pass grants free entry, showcasing transportation history from horse-drawn carriages to modern trains and buses. The museum boasts interactive displays that showcase the evolution of London’s transport system and its profound impact on the city’s development. From iconic red double-decker buses to the renowned tube system, the museum immerses visitors in the rich history and culture of London. Don’t miss the chance to explore this must-see attraction, easily accessible for anyone touring the city. Spend 1 hour here. 

Day 2 : Covering the South Bank

COVID-19 Memorial, South Bank, London

Situated on the south side of the River Thames, South Bank London is a vibrant hub boasting cultural attractions like the Southbank Centre, the London Eye, and the Tate Modern. Along Queen’s Walk, visitors encounter lively street performers, food stalls, and breathtaking views of the Thames and the London skyline. The area comes alive with street art, buskers, pop-up markets, and outdoor events, catering to a variety of interests. Night strolls offer a serene ambiance, with illuminated landmarks like Tower Bridge and The Shard creating a magical atmosphere. Summer sees families enjoying the Southbank fountains, while winter brings Christmas markets offering mulled wine and festive treats. Explore over 31 attractions in two days, savoring South Bank London’s diverse offerings with ample time for enjoyment, beginning at Tower Hill and journeying towards London Bridge and Borough Market for a captivating exploration of the riverside district.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Additionally, St. Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, stands as a majestic London landmark for over three centuries. Hosting significant events like Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981, its grandeur and intricate architecture symbolise British culture and heritage. The cathedral’s impressive dome, mosaics, and carvings showcase masterful craftsmanship. Exploring the cathedral typically takes 2-3 hours, depending on your interests and available time. Guided tours extend this duration to 90 minutes to 2 hours, offering deeper insights. Afterward, you can visit Borough Market for lunch.

Borough Market, London
Various crates of vegetables and fruits.

Borough Market

Located in the heart of London, Borough Market is renowned as one of the city’s largest and oldest food markets. With roots dating back to the 12th century and officially established in 1851, it has flourished into a vibrant gastronomic destination. Featuring a diverse array of fresh produce, artisanal foods, and international delicacies, the market attracts visitors from around the globe. Borough Market is steeped in cultural significance, serving as both a gathering place for food enthusiasts and local traders and a representation of London’s dynamic culinary landscape. For those eager to experience the city’s gastronomic heritage, a visit to Borough Market is essential. Explore more about Borough Market by clicking on my social media icons below.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, a jewel of British history and architecture, stands as an iconic symbol in the heart of London. With over a millennium of history, this Gothic masterpiece has hosted coronations, royal weddings, and important state events. Located near the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames, the abbey’s stunning facade and intricate detailing draw visitors from around the world. Inside, craftsmanship shines with stained glass, stone carvings, and Poets’ Corner, where literary greats rest. Home to the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, a poignant tribute to those lost in World War I, Westminster Abbey offers a captivating journey through centuries of British history and culture, making it an indispensable stop for anyone exploring London’s vibrant cityscape.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London, constructed by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, boasts a storied past as a royal palace, prison, and fortress. Its iconic White Tower hosts exhibitions such as the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armouries. Guided tours by Yeoman Warders offer captivating narratives. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Tower remains a cornerstone of London’s cultural heritage. It’s advisable to visit this attraction last due to its length, typically taking 3-4 hours. This timing allows for relaxation by sunset and leisurely evening riverside strolls.

5 Restaurants to try in South Bank London

Discover a variety of dining options on London’s South Bank. Enjoy elegant modern European cuisine with stunning river views at Kylon. OXO Tower Brasserie offers creative British dishes amidst city panoramas. For casual vibes, try Ping Pong’s lively dim sum. Giraffe caters to families with international fare in a relaxed setting. The Green Room at the National Theatre serves seasonal British dishes and craft cocktails in a stylish ambiance.


In conclusion, a two-day exploration of London with the London Pass offers a captivating journey through the city’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and cultural treasures. Additionally, with seamless access to renowned attractions, museums, and historic sites, the pass not only maximizes your time but also provides a cost-effective way to experience the best of London. From watching the Changing of the Guards outside the regal splendour of Buckingham Palace to the grand St. Paul’s Cathedral and the majestic artistry of the Tower of London, each moment is filled with discovery. Moreover, embrace the city’s diverse neighborhoods while you visit the attractions, indulge in its culinary delights in Borough Market, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere that makes London truly timeless. Ultimately, two days with the London Pass offer a whirlwind of experiences, leaving you with a deep appreciation for this dynamic metropolis and a treasure trove of memories to cherish.

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If you book through me with no additional charge to you, I get a commission from them.

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