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First of all, thank you for coming to my site. To come to my site is honourable enough but to read through my experiences in London, it’s more than what I can ask for from you guys.

I’m Annisa.

Indonesian living in London. Have been since moving here in 1991.

I came from Jakarta where I moved to London at a tender age of 7 with my family. I went to primary school, secondary school and university here, not to mention having worked here since I could legally find a job.

My background has always been in travel and tourism and studied a Diploma in Hospitality Management. I’ve worked in the hospitality sector since 2008 whilst studying for my diploma so travel and tourism has always been a passion of mine.

What Can I do for You?


In the future, I would like to work with flight and travel companies online as an affiliate but as I have just started, I am able to recommend and advise on your travel plans before you book your travel holidays (vacation as the americans call it).

Let’s face it, London is a very, very, very expensive city. Just because it’s an island in Europe, it doesn’t mean it’s cheap.They say the smallest things come with the best quality than the rest. I guess it’s true.

Rents and house prices are going up, the holiday peak season going up, petrol going up, clothes and food are expensive. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of struggles living here (we’ve had our ups and downs haven’t we London?) with unemployment and struggling to pay my rent. I made it through the years by learning how to save and not spending on things I don’t need. Now I have a house and a mortgage. It’s possible, you just have to have resilience. Anything is possible.

Tower of London guards

Tower of London at night

Coppa Club Tower Bridge

Annisa’s Advice

Save, save, save. I can’t stress enough how much you need to do that in order to come here.

Check the weather for when you decide to visit us. That way you can plan what you need to bring with you. The weather can be unpredictable so be prepared!!!

Get an oyster card – you can get this in most major rail stations, it will  save you time and money. Depending on how long you’re staying here, Transport for London offers you daily, weekly and monthly travel cards which can be cheaper than an oyster card when you touch in and out on tubes, buses, trams or DLR. So, double check. Travel cards can be used for all London public transport. So compare how much you’d be saving if you get an oyster card or a travel card.

Learn the English language – let’s face it, English is an international language and nearly everyone wants to learn it. That’s the reason why my family came here, to learn English. English people are very friendly when you want to learn their language and they’ll help you out. Now is the chance to improve on your language skills.

Other advice relating to attractions, accommodation and flights will be added in the posts relating to that so don’t worry!!!

Anyway, I hope you have a great time browsing my site!!! Enjoy and keep smiling!!! 


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